Introduction to Mindful Leadership

Course Description: Learn how mindfulness concepts and practices can help us cultivate our natural abilities to lead with excellence. This course provides a deep exploration of mindfulness practices aimed at cultivating awareness, focus, clarity, and compassion – qualities that enhance our ability as leaders to create innovative, trusting, and engaging work environments. Participants will explore how to apply these qualities to enhance their professional and personal lives, including creating more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments.

In this course, learning is…

Experiential  – we will learn by doing and “being,” both in class and outside of class. This includes, mindfulness exercises, reflection, inquiry, dialogue, and deep listening practices.

Non-Prescriptive – there are no “magic bullet” guidelines, rather, through applied exploration of relevant mindfulness, leadership, and change management theories, research, and practices, participants cultivate skills that are central to mindful leadership.

*Multifaceted – participants are invited to be active collaborators in their learning, practicing skills in a supportive learning community.