Consultation and Coaching

Leadership Coaching and Team Building. I work as a facilitator and consultant with leaders, teams, and collaborators assessing and building on assets and strengths, and creatively engaging conflict and challenges. This includes defining and connecting with individual and collective values and vision, and building critical skills needed for creating diverse, inclusive and effective teams and organizations.

Mindfulness Programming for Leaders, Community Groups, Organizations, and Companies

Mindful Leadership Coaching. In one-on-one in-person or online sessions, I work collaboratively with leaders to highlight and increase awareness and cultivation of their natural abilities and skills to lead with excellence toward building thriving and trusting teams and organizational culture. Additionally, we work to build skills and processes to address stressors and circumstances, including conflict and change, that may be negatively impacting effectiveness, engagement, and over wellbeing. Please complete contact form to request an initial in-person or online session. 

Mindful Leadership Champion Program. This tailored program in Madison, WI aims to support the work of individuals who are interested in bringing mindfulness programming and/or informal practices into their workplaces or other spheres of influence. This program offers both practice-based experiential learning and practical tools and skills.

Consultation and Training in Trauma-Informed Services. Trainings and consultation is offered to leaders and organizations across sectors. Please call or submit an inquiry for an initial consultation meeting.

Mindfulness and Social Justice Program.Social justice advocacy is fulfilling, meaningful, and crucial to creating a more and more fair and inclusive society. While often energizing and connecting, the work of social justice advocacy can take a toll on individuals, groups, and communities. Many of our most influential and effective social justice advocates infuse mindfulness and other contemplative practices into their work and into their daily lives. The Social Justice and Mindfulness Program seeks to support the work and vitality of those engaged in this important endeavor, providing individuals and groups an opportunity to learn ways of applying mindfulness concepts and practices both in their work and in their daily lives. Please call or submit an inquiry for an initial consultation meeting.


Clinical Practice