Mindful Leadership: Transforming through Conflict and Change

Course Description:  Mindfulness can be transformative in our lives and work as leaders especially as we navigate the difficult challenges that can arise with conflict and change in the context of work. In this course, participants will delve deeply into the concepts and practices of mindfulness as they apply to working with conflict and change processes, toward creating opportunities for leadership growth and transformation.

Course participants will learn:

  • Identify and describe different styles of conflict and stress management and ways this may affect your work, relationships, and organization.
  • Describe ways in which you currently deal with conflict and change that support or detract from your leadership effectiveness, values, and principles.
  • Identify, describe, and apply skills that support and increase leadership effectiveness in the context of increased stress and conflict

Course Prerequisites: Completed the Mindful Leadership Course: Essential Skills for Leading in a Complex World or have basic knowledge of mindfulness concepts and practices; Have previous experience with practicing mindfulness/meditation.