Mindfulness at Work: Advanced Applications

Course Description: In this course we explore more deeply the application of mindfulness practices in organization and groups, especially toward greater innovation and change-making. Together, we will practice, learn about and apply advanced mindfulness practices, and related leadership and organization change frameworks (e.g., Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry, Process Work).  This course is experiential and applied, where you will create and prototype individualized action steps and strategies, and share the learning experiences during the course.

Intentions/Objectives: Through participating in this course, participants will:

    • (Re)Establish a regular (daily) mindfulness practice supporting a deeper understanding of different practices and of qualities those practices can support and cultivate on individual and collective levels.
    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills to explain and, in some cases, begin to teach others about the benefits of mindfulness in culturally- and contextually-relevant ways.
    • Have a deeper and embodied understanding of ways that mindfulness practices can support change processes and help us better navigate conflict in organizational and group contexts with specific applications to one’s own work/life context.
    • Demonstrate greater awareness of opportunities to engage people in mindfulness practices and what to do when experiencing resistance and barriers within ourselves and others.

This 15 hour course can be offered in different formats, such as: Three 5-hour classes; Two 7.5-hour classes/daylong retreats; or Six 2.5-hour classes. 

Graduate credit is offered for these courses through Edgewood College