Featured Meditation

20-minute Body Scan Meditation. In this guided meditation practice you are invited to pause, giving yourself deep permission to rest in stillness and simply “be,” through the practice of resting attention on the body with curiosity.

For many who are new to mindfulness, this practice may feel quite unfamiliar and even uncomfortable – that is quite normal. Though, if discomfort is too great, you can always stop the practice and try again another time, and/or try a different practice (see my Resource Page for more practices). Working with a mindfulness coach or teacher is especially helpful in finding the practices best for you and for working with what may arise when you start to slow down and pay attention to your inner world – a landscape from which wisdom can be gained and resilience cultivated.

With practice, mindfulness and present moment awareness will start to feel more familiar and may even become a place of “refuge” in our busy days and lives- even for just 5 or 10 minutes a day. We can then come back to our work and the other activities in our lives with greater clarity, focus, and ease.