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Lisa Baker, PhD: Mindfulness And Mental Health, MAY 10, 2016 BY 8 O’CLOCK BUZZ

Selected Publications 

Handbook of Counseling WomenBreaking Through the Barriers: Psycho-education and Interventions for Sexually Transmitted Infections In Women. By, Hoffman, M. A., Baker, L. M., Ziemer, S.K., & Raque-Bogdan, T. (2016). In M. Kopala & M. Keitel (Eds.), Handbook for counseling women 2nd Edition.  New York:  Sage Publications.

Women and sexually transmitted diseases:  A biopsychosocial perspective.  By, Hoffman, M. A., & Baker, L. M. (2003).  In M. Kopala & M. Keitel (Eds.),Handbook for counseling women.  New York:  Sage Publications.


Are Crisis Workers Burned Out?: An Examination of Stress, Social Support, and Coping. By, Baker, L.  O’Brien, K. M., & Salahunddi, N. M. (2007). , Journal of Family Violence, 22, 465-474.

JFVAbstract: Job stress, perceived social support, coping self-efficacy, and coping strategies were studied as predictors of emotional exhaustion and reduced personal accomplishment among a sample of 123 female shelter workers. Overall, these workers did not meet the collective criteria for burnout as defined by Maslach and Jackson (1986) and perceived social support and coping strategies did not account for unique variance in the prediction of emotional exhaustion and reduced personal accomplishment. Rather, high levels of time pressure and low levels of self-efficacy for being productive at work were identified as predictors of emotional exhaustion. Personal accomplishment was predicted by time pressure and robust levels of self-efficacy for dealing with stressors at work.